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Ska-ndal production is established in 2006 as a film and television production company, with offices in Tirana, Albania.

Also we offer and organize events such as: art festivals, workshops, film and music weeks, etc. We offer services such as the translation of a films subtitles during the projection which is necessary in such events as film festivals. Another service that Ska-ndal is very active with is audio-visual production. We offer design, posters and logos, conception and making of the t.v. spots, as well as production of the show and series.

As the inherited of the first Albanian leading producing film company until 2005 “ Fasada” studios, a stream of high quality film and television has been produced by “Fasada” with films that improvement of the artistic environment around Albania's elite creative forces. Do to that until 2005 there was produced Albanian and international coo production with  films as “Vals” of Armando Bora , “ Monte Dajti” of Carmine Fornari“ ,”Tunnel” of Ilir Butka, documentaries as “An Albanian jazz story in Athens” of Petri Bozo, “ Tears of Kosovo” of Kujtim Cashku, " Hostage" of Saimir Kumbaro , “Funeral business in Venice’ and “AGNVS” from Mihal Rama, “ The beggar” of Vasian Lami.

For that the purpose of our affinity and collaboration with distinct individuals in the fields of Movie Directing with international directors as Goran Paskaljevic, Carmine Fornari alongside with the Albanian directors as Dhimiter Anagnosti, Sajmir Kumbaro, Robert Budina is one of our objectives.

Ska-ndal is  dedicated not only to features films but also to the original and experimental films - not mainstream!

Fatmir Koci (Film Director), Ken Loach and Genc Permeti (Chairman of Skandal Production)


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